Georgetown University M.A. in English

Georgetown University is currently accepting applications for their free-standing Master of Arts Program in English, a diverse, academically rigorous 2-year M.A. program.

From the Director of Graduate Studies:

Because we currently offer no Ph.D. in English at Georgetown, our M.A. program hosts our most advanced students, and they receive the kind of focused attention from our faculty that doctoral students might receive at other institutions. It is, therefore, an excellent program for students who are considering the Ph.D. but are not yet ready to commit to that, for those who need a bit more preparation and experience with graduate-level work before they apply to doctoral programs, and for those for whom the M.A. will be the capstone of their academic education.

In recognition of the central place of our Master’s students in our department, close to half of those who matriculate each year receive merit-based funding packages that fully pay for tuition as well as an hourly wage in a number of professional development settings (including teaching assistantships); all students offered a funding package their first year can count on tuition support in their second, contingent upon their maintaining an excellent academic record.

Further details available here and at the program website.

Questions? Contact Academic Administrator Jessica Marr  ( or Director of Graduate Studies Patrick O’Malley (

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