Study Abroad in Germany

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to study abroad this summer in Germany with the “Germany: Navigating the Refugee Experience in Berlin” program! Applications close February 1, 2020.

Students will be traveling to Berlin for the last two weeks of June. Accompanying courses will be in the Spring. The program is open to undergraduates as well as graduates, and there are no language requirements.

Below are some the items on the trip itinerary:
Über den Tellerrand/“Better Plate”: Cooking class led by a cook who arrived in Berlin as a refugee and workshop with the Better Plate team about social gastronomy movements and using food as a form of social cohesion
Querstadtein tour: See one of Berlin’s neighborhoods through the eyes of a refugee tour guide
Refugio Café language tables: opportunity to use either English or German as a way to communicate at biweekly integrative language tables for refugees and other Berlin newcomers
Theatrical performance by the Exile ensemble at the Gorki Theater
Türkenmarkt and Mauerpark: visits to two large-scale, multicultural artisanal food and craft open air markets
Meetings with and presentations from NGOs and think tanks working on the ground to support refugee communities (Expert Council of German Federations on Integration and Migration, Caritas, Give Something Back to Berlin, Eed Be Eed Storytelling)
Visits to two refugee shelters: one in Berlin and one an hour outside of the city in the state of Brandenburg
• Understanding Germany and Europe in the 20th century through two installations: Topography of Terror (documents the systematic process of the Nazis’ rise to power, 1933-1945) and Tränenpalast (“Palace of Tears,” former border crossing point between East and West Berlin)
Comparative visit to Nuremberg to observe the history of Germany with regard to citizenship and belonging, through visits to the Palace of Justice and Nazi Documentation center

Those interested can view the full Study Abroad brochure, including courses and program fees, here.

Event Review: Bilingualism Unpacked

By Sara Shahein
Contributor to The Underground

On Wednesday, October 9th DePaul’s Office of Multicultural Student Success teamed up with the Latinx Center and Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority to host “Bilingualism Unpacked.” During the event, attendees listened to a panel of DePaul students and advisors answer questions about multilingualism – the panel’s languages ranged from Spanish to Serbian.

Each of the panelists were asked about their backgrounds and how they learned the languages they know today. Some learned their respective language when they were children, others learned the language in high school and college, and a few spoke the language first and learned English later. The panel noted that they switch languages when speaking with an adult whose native language is not English as a sign of respect and to make the individual feel more comfortable. They likewise discussed the importance of knowing another language and how it allows people to learn more about other cultures or even their own native cultures.

Each panelist was also asked if they had ever traveled abroad, if they spoke a native language abroad, and how were they perceived. A few panelists spoke about being seen as a local and felt more comfortable to take initiative and start up a conversation with locals.

Yet, when asked about the stigma that may arise from being bilingual, one panelist shared an example about having a conversation with someone in Serbian and mentioning that she was from Chicago. The opposite person immediately stopped speaking Serbian and switched to English. In response, the panelist said that she felt disappointed that the gentleman she was speaking to didn’t think she could continue to carry on the conversation if it was in Serbian, despite it being her first language. Other panelists explained that many non-English speakers or struggling English speakers tend to be looked down upon in society, instead of being given translators, assistance, or guidance to encourage them to continue trying to learn English.

The final question posed to the panelists asked whether they had ever denied being bilingual. Much to the surprise of the audience, a few panelists confirmed they had denied their ability to speak another language to others. One panelist explained that she worked in a law firm and it became known that she spoke and understood Spanish. She was quickly asked to translate and interpret, but she did not feel confident enough because she was still in the process of learning Spanish. She told the audience that, when it comes to work, she denies she is bilingual until she feels confident enough in her abilities.

Altogether, “Bilingualism Unpacked” showcased the reasons why someone would want to learn another language. It also taught other multilingual people in the audience how to deal with certain stigmas, present yourself when abroad, appreciate different cultures, and advocate for non-English speakers.

Ireland Study Abroad Program for DePaul students

The University of New Orleans Writing Workshops Abroad invites undergraduate and graduate students at DePaul to apply for a summer of scholarship and cultural activities in Cork, Ireland. DePaul Prof. Miles Harvey will be co-teaching a Creative Nonfiction workshop in this program.
Courses are available in every genre of Creative Writing, plus additional options in Literature, Philosophy & Film. For a full list of course offerings, please visit the courses page. The faculty is comprised of some of top professors from universities in both the United States and Ireland. And this year, students will enjoy more full weekends with planned excursions and/or independent travel time.
DePaul graduate and undergraduate students can receive credit for their coursework in this program. Graduate students will need to receive prior permission from Prof. Rebecca Johns Trissler, director of the Master of Arts in Writing and Publishing program. Undergraduates will need to go through the non-DePaul study abroad program process. 

Students and faculty are what make this experience truly rewarding. Please take time to check out the latest promo video at: 
Cork, Ireland 2019 details:
Dates: July 2-August 3, 2019
Cost: $5,095 for guest students which includes tuition for two classes, housing, meals on class days, study abroad insurance, and other events. And don’t forget to check out the scholarships page for funding opportunities.
If you have any further questions about the University of New Orleans Writing Workshops Abroad in Cork, Ireland, or would like to work directly with the program in the future, please contact:
Aneta Komendarczyk, MS
Program Coordinator
Writing Workshops Abroad
Division of International Education
International Center, Room 124
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148

Study Abroad in China

SAP China Flyer

Will the 21st century will be “the Chinese century”?

Program Dates:
November 25-December 11

Application Deadline:
May 1

Program Directors:
Li Jin and John Shanahan

MOL 323: China’s Cultural Soft Power and its Future
ENG 235: Science Fiction

Liberal Studies Domains:
Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Inquiry (SCBI)
Arts and Literature (AL)

More Information / Apply

Over the past few decades, China has become a global powerhouse by manufacturing for export. As “factory to the world,” China since the early 1980s has grown its economy to become the second largest binomial GDP and the largest by purchasing power parity (Source: IMF data). In several industries, for example mobile sharing platforms, robotics, AI (artificial intelligence), and renewable energy, China aims to be the world leader. At the same time, China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative is poised to project Chinese socio-political and economic power as a paramount leader connecting Asia, Africa and Europe. Inevitably, China’s cultural influence is also getting more notable around the world. One example is Chinese science fiction, which has attracted unprecedented attention outside China in recent years.

The program aims to help DePaul students develop a critical understanding of China’s cultural soft power and a sober view of the world’s future with China as an important player through engaging reading materials, class discussions, and a two-week visit in China. Topics to be covered in pre- and post- courses include China’s historical dynamics, cultural traditions, pop culture, science fiction, politics, and economy. The study abroad trip will begin in Shanghai where we will meet the academics and entrepreneurs to discuss contemporary society, science fiction, and the future “as seen from China.” We will explore some of the city’s newest technological innovations, the arts and literature, and architecture. From Shanghai, we will take day-trips to the nearby cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou to experience the interaction of China’s cultural tradition with modern innovations. In Beijing, we will explore a mega-city struggling with different possible urban futures. Our site visits in Beijing and the nearby “planned” city of Xiong’an will be linked to discussions with urban planners, artists, writers, scholars, and government officials.


Fulbright Competition Now Open

Fulbright announcement, 2018

Fulbright is a prestigious scholarship that funds students to either study/ research or teach English overseas for an academic year. It is open to students of all disciplines and goes to 140 countries. A student must have graduated to receive a Fulbright, but she can apply as early as the Fall of her senior year. Graduate students and alumni are also eligible. Click on the press release above for more information.