The English Major & Beyond

Maybe you’re not sure whether to major in English. Maybe you know you want to be an English major, but feel uncertain about what to do with the degree. Maybe you are happily progressing along the road to receiving your degree and haven’t yet given post-grad plans a thought! Wherever you are in your academic career, we’re glad you’re visiting the Underground, because we’ve got some great resources and inspiration for you.

Why English?
Here you’ll find all kinds articles detailing the reasons and the research behind what makes an English major so great, from the personal benefits to the professional.

Career Paths & Salary Info
Sure, you love reading, writing, and talking about great literature, and maybe you’re a creative writer yourself. But how do these skills translate to the job market?

Alumni & Faculty Profiles
Looking for some real-life, English-major inspiration? Browse our collection of conversations with DePaul faculty and alums who are putting their English major to work.