The Slag Glass City Is Looking For Undergrad Interns For The Spring Quarter:

Slag Glass City is a DePaul magazine of the urban essay arts. We are a creative nonfiction and multidisciplinary media journal engaged with sustainability, identity, and art in urban environments. Our area of concern is the livable city, but our interpretation of this language, more familiar to urban planners, geographers, and city theorists than to artists, is multifaceted. We are interested in post-industrial greening of urban spaces—from rooftop gardens to elevated bike trails to vertical farms—but we are equally enthralled by interrogative art and performance that values social justice and queerness, reinvents form, and honors the green human need to pursue pleasure, beauty, and joy. Slag Glass City publishes continuously on the web—posting something new every month—as well an annually in miniature print form. We publish all shapes and disciplines of nonfiction arts, including: stories, reportage, essays, lyrics, photographs, visual arts, film and video, digital and audio works, performance, and new web-friendly forms we’ve yet to imagine.  

Editorial interns for Slag Glass City will assist with submission deliberation, correspondence, light editing and proofreading, submission solicitation, social media and book festival promotion, website updating, working with the spring magazine class editorial board, as well as undertake other administrative tasks.  Slag Glass City requests a commitment of 10-20 flexible hours a week. The internship is unpaid, requires concurrent enrollment in ENG 392 or ENG 509, and offers hands on learning  in the field of editing and creative writing magazine work, under the direction of the editor, Barrie Jean Borich. Interns attend twice weekly meetings, on Zoom or on campus, as well as meeting asynchronously on Teams—and otherwise are able to make their own work schedule.  
To apply please send Professor Barrie Borich, bborich@depaul.edu, an email describing your interest and experience. 

Check out the magazine at SLAG GLASS CITY

Learn about Careers in the Museum Field

Jobs at Art Museums (JAM) is a career awareness event at the Art Institute of Chicago. This year the event has been reimagined as a series of 12 presentations on Zoom over the course of winter and spring. Each talk will focus on a different theme, from Art & Science, to Community Programs, to “Handle with Care” (staff who actually touch objects), and more. 

College and university students are invited to conversations with museum professionals representing a variety of departments and fields. Learn about upcoming internship and career opportunities and virtually socialize with peers and museum staff.

Please see details and how to register at this link.

Internship Opportunity: Chicago Shakespeare Theater

The Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier is searching for a dedicated summer intern! Applications are due March 1st. Read below for more information.

Chicago Shakespeare Theater is currently seeking applicants for part- or full-time internships during the summer of 2020. This internship provides the opportunity to devote a number of weeks to researching a play—its historical and social contexts, its publication and production history, and its critical history—and to develop resources for hundreds of educators who will teach the play over the school year in conjunction with our upcoming productions. Interns will work with Chicago Shakespeare’s editor along with other published writers on in the Education Department—an invaluable experience for building one’s professional writing portfolio or for graduate students considering careers outside of academia. The work leads to an online publication of essays and teaching activities—central components to our handbooks, typically one hundred pages in length. In addition to the research and writing component, education interns are also immersed in the day-to-day work of our department, which is varied as we move through the summer months.

A background in Shakespeare, early modern drama, or performance studies is certainly helpful —but is not a pre-requisite. What is required in a qualified candidate is a passion and acumen for the research process, and for writing accessibly, thoughtfully, and, ideally, creatively within the structure of an expository form. Examples of past Teacher Handbooks are available for perusal on their website.

Candidates are asked to submit samples of writing, along with their cover letter, CV, and letters of recommendation.

Find more information on applying here.

Abroad Opportunity: City Internships

City Internships has launched their 2020 Internship Program application process and invites students to apply. 

Their Student Aid offering is still open. The calculator for students to check their eligibility is available here.

CI’s Global Explorer Programs in Chicago, San Francisco, Melbourne, Medellin, Santiago and Shanghai are filling quickly. Apply sooner rather than later.

Students can of course continue applying to CI’s other larger and longer-running Internship Program locations; which include London, Los Angeles, New York City and more.

Apply now at: https://city-internships.com/apply

See also the attached flyer and CI’s website for further details. 

CI Student Ambassador Program 2020 Flyer

Internship Opportunity: Cliff Dwellers

Currently, the Cliff Dwellers are seeking an intern with a passion for local cultural initiatives and the desire to gain experience in supporting a non-profit on a new fundraising initiative.

In 1907, Chicago author Hamlin Garland and friends founded the Attic Club, which two years later was re-named The Cliff Dwellers. The Cliff Dwellers is a private club for members who are either professionally engaged in literature, painting, music, architecture, sculpture, or one of the allied arts, or who support the fine arts and the performing arts.

The Club, located in the 22nd floor penthouse of the former BorgWarner building at the southwest corner of Michigan Avenue at Adams Street, is next door to Symphony Center and overlooks Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago.

We offer programs and art exhibits for our members and their guests, and support local younger artists and performers through our Artists-in-Residence (A-I-R) program.  Members can also reserve Club space for private parties and dinners.



High-performing undergrad or graduate student with experience working in the non-profit sector and a desire to grow the arts and culture landscape of Chicago.



Reporting to Ed Gordon and Chris Vinyard, this internship position will support in administrative tasks at the Cliff Dwellers office space at 200 S Michigan Avenue. This includes:

Support in the tracking of gifts
Learning about the organizational structure and management system of Cliff Dwellers
Supporting the Full-Time staff in the procurement of 2020 Endowment
Participating in and supporting in art and cultural events towards the final mission of the Cliff Dwellers

Please send all resumes and cover letters to:

Ed Gordon



Chris Vinyard



2019 Fall Career Fair

The DePaul Career Center will host their annual Fall Career Fair on Wednesday, October 2nd and Thursday, October 3rd from 3:00 – 6:00 pm in the Lincoln Park Student Center 120AB. This 2-day all majors fair is a great opportunity to interact with top employers recruiting for both jobs and internships. Over 100 employers from a wide variety of industries will be seeking qualified candidates of all majors and experience levels. Different employers will be attending each day! Students can view the employer list located here.

Summer Internship with poet Barry Silesky

Acclaimed poet Barry Silesky is looking for an intern. Barry has Multiple Sclerosis so needs assistance to facilitate his writing and publishing. Please see below for potential duties and a schedule. If interested, send an email to both Barry and his wife Sharon Solwitz at the following addresses: ssolwitz@hotmail.com; barrysilesky@yahoo.com.

Previous interns have appreciated their time and experience working with Barry; if you’d like to speak with any of these students, please let Prof. Chris Green know.

If you are selected, contact Prof. Chris Green (cgreen1@depaul.edu) to sign up for academic credit.

For more summer internship opportunities, click here.


-Check and respond to messages:email, social media etc, poetry submissions

-Read aloud: newspaper articles, poems

-Type poems, nonfiction and fiction prose. We are currently working on two poetry collections: “Heaven” and “After the Word”, as well as a fiction piece “Valley View” that I’m hoping to turn into a novel.

-Edit poems together and send to a friend (mikepuican@gmail.com) for an extra editing eye.

-Research literary magazines open for submissions

-Submit poems/ nonfiction work to literary magazines

-Learn how to submit your literary works to publications by working on author’s cover letter, bio, and following specific directions of literary magazine submission requirements

-Track submissions via Excel document

Overall, interns will learn about the craft of writing and publication by helping an established author compose his pieces, as well as attempt to publish them. Each session is normally for two hours.

Typical Routine:

1) Check Barry’s email, it’s logged in on yahoo.com and his Facebook-logged in also

2) After, go through the news sites Barry wants: normally, NYT, Alternet, Guardian

3) Write a poem: The two collections we have been working on are “Heaven” and “After the Word” both collections can be found on the desktop folder “Poetry in Progress” when Barry writes a poem you can add it to either collection, depending on the tone. I will attach the two collections so you can get a feel for tone.

or Nonfiction piece: There is a folder “Nonfiction Collection” with some documents we have been working on. Same process as poems– looking for literary magazines that are the right fit (refer to #5)

4) After we write a poem we send it to Mike Puican who likes to edit Barry’s poems. Email the poem to him  mikepuican@gmail.com.  Put the title of the poem in the subject line and paste the poem in the body of the email

5) Then, you guys can look for FREE places to submit his work. First, I check Barry’s email for calls for submissions that he gets emailed to him. If there’s nothing there that fits his writing, I go to Calls For Submissions and he is signed up for an email list that sends a bunch of different competitions and publications looking for submissions.

6) After reading the rules for submissions and making sure the poem we are submitting fits the style rules, document guidelines, font size, document name (normally required to never include Barry’s name) etc, I attach a cover letter and bio that’s normally required. We already have one made, so all you have to do is find “Cover Letter and Bio” document on the DESKTOP and then copy and paste it, change the number of poems, the poem titles and collection to fit whatever you’re submitting. The bio should never need to be changed.

7) After submitting, document the submission in the folder “Submissions” where you will find “Submissions 2018” This is an Excel Document we use to track the poems and journals Barry has sent. Fill out the cells according to poems and collection submitted, journal, date and the response section is only for when we receive if his poem has been accepted or not.

Young Adult Book Publisher seeks Social Media Intern

See below for internship info from Zest Books, and find more Summer 2018 internship listings here. Apply soon, and if you’re selected, contact Prof. Chris Green (cgreen1@depaul.edu) to register for course credit.


Zest Books is an award-winning leader in young adult nonfiction, publishing smart and edgy books on entertainment, history, science, health, and practical life advice. We publish books that get to the reality of young adult life, rather than the glossy dream world that often dominates pop culture.  Our books are attractively designed, well researched, smart, and easy to read.

We are looking for an intern to work on and update our social media platforms with relevant information on a daily/weekly basis. The amount of updates/posts/tweets, etc…will depend on the platform.

We are looking for someone who is self motivated and interested in nonfiction books, publishing and the topics we publish.

More information at zestbooks.net

If interested, please contact Hallie Warshaw, Publisher, Zest Books:


Please email rather than calling if interested.