Diana Anderson, 2011 Alum

Year of graduation:
2008 – Bachelor of Arts, major in English, minor in Women’s and Gender Studies
2011 – Master of Arts degree in English

Current job title:
Internal Communications Project Lead

Current employer:
Argonne National Laboratory

What did you like best/value most about DePaul’s English major?
Some universities focus on research; others focus on teaching. DePaul strikes a balance between the two that directly benefits students. DePaul class sizes are small and English professors are approachable. They’re willing to engage with you in discussion on your future plans and potential networking opportunities.

When you’re in the classroom, watch and learn how your professors facilitate discussions and keep them on track. Pick up on these skills now and add them to your toolbox. Being able to lead and focus teams in productive dialogue will make you an effective leader in the workplace.

How has what you learned in your English major applied to your current position? In the world of business, it’s essential to be able to communicate effectively and craft compelling arguments and recommendations. English majors have an advantage in this. We write well, have excellent vocabularies and are able to harness an audience’s attention with our story-telling abilities, making us engaging speakers. We’re also trained to support ideas with research-backed arguments, a solid, respected tactic that can help influence an organization’s forward trajectory. We tend to be a creative bunch, able to think outside the box so-to-speak. This makes us excellent problem-solvers and valuable players within any organization.

Why should students major in English?
Most employers seek potential job candidates who have excellent written and verbal communication skills. As an English major, you will learn how to sway an audience with words and research to back them up. You will learn how to acknowledge the opposing viewpoint and counter it respectfully and effectively. These skills will enable you to pitch ideas, make compelling recommendations and become an agile and valuable player within any business organization.

Why should students major in English at DePaul?
Collegial discourse, research to back up one’s argument, and respect and openness for opposing views is something you will learn in DePaul classrooms, equipping you to be a future leader in the workplace.

DePaul’s English Department offers internships, independent study courses and a variety of other experiential learning opportunities. Take advantage of these offerings. They will enable you to flesh out your resume and portfolio—a game-changer when applying for jobs.

DePaul has a huge alumni base—this will increase your networking potential. Don’t be shy. Your professors and DePaul alumni are willing to help you. All you need to do is reach out.