Odd Tale Studios Internship


Odd Tale Studios is seeking a writing intern. If you are selected, contact Professor Chris Green (CGREEN1@depaul.edu) for Winter Quarter credit.

From Odd Tale Studios:

Odd Tale Studios is a cloud-based company where we write for geeks, by geeks. Our content ranges from TV and movies to tech updates and IOS app reviews to comic books and relationships. Odd Tale Studios is committed to providing quality content for those with, well, geekier tendencies!

Writing Interns are expected to produce at least two articles with a minimum of 500 words each week. They may be asked to create videos (such as product reviews) or to take on “Article 911s”, which need to have a prompt turn around of 24 hours. Interns will learn how to use WordPress, posting articles, inserting pictures, and embedding videos.

Odd Tale Studios is a startup that’s slowly gaining speed as a larger company and this, unfortunately, means that no one receives monetary compensation for their work. The hope is that interns will learn to comply with deadlines and to provide engaging content with a quick turnaround period. This content can definitely, and is encouraged to be, included in their portfolios. Primarily, interns will work with me, my name is Rachel Bean and I am the editor in chief of Odd Tale Studios. We’ll have bi-weekly meetings to discuss writing and geeky topics!

If interested in an internship at OTS, please send a resume and cover letter stating what you’d like to write about for Odd Tale Studios and some information about yourself and your interests to rachel@oddtalestudios.com. To see what is currently available on OTS, visit www.oddtalestudios.com. We’re under a little bit of construction right now, flipping themes, but we’re trying to move onto bigger and better things!

Spoon University Seeks Writers


Spoon University is at DePaul for the first time ever and is looking for a few more students to join their team!

From the Spoon University rep:

“We’re looking for entrepreneurs, writers, photographers, editors,
videographers, social media mavens, marketer, event planners and FOOD lovers who want to put something meaningful and impressive on their resumes, be part of something bigger than themselves, and come together around fellow foodies.

Students who are interested in applying should contact us via email to get started!

Spoon University is the everyday food resource for our generation, on a mission to make food make sense. Behind the scenes, we’re helping teach the next generation of journalists, marketers and event planners the best practices in digital media with a network of over 5,000 contributors.”

Check out Spoon U’s About page to learn a bit more. This looks like a great way to start honing your web journalism/writing chops – worth looking into!