Outstanding Senior Spotlight: Emily Parenti

The Outstanding Seniors are students who have been commended by the faculty of the English Department for their excellent academic work, commitment to English studies, and involvement in Department programming and publications. We are proud of how well they represent our department and wish to congratulate them on their successful completion of Bachelor’s degrees in English!

emily P

Name: Emily Parenti

Hometown: Bloomingdale, Illinois

Major/Minor(s) at DePaul: Major: English (Literary Studies), Minor: Professional Writing

Graduation Quarter: March 2015

Post-graduation plans: In the long term, I hope to find writing/communications work at a nonprofit.

A favorite/memorable class(es) you took in the English Department, and why: For my capstone, I took “One Poem One Quarter” with Professor Selinger, and I loved it. We spent ten weeks on just fourteen lines, but because Professor Selinger gave us the freedom to direct our own study, it never once felt tedious.

Favorite DePaul Professors, and why: Professor Barrie Jean Borich–without question! I got to know her by working together on Crook & Folly, and since then, I’ve taken her American Literary Magazine class and contributed to a few of her own extracurricular writing projects. She’s understanding, creative, generous, and she’s become a true mentor to me!

Interests: Reading and writing (of course), spending time with my baby niece, practicing yoga, going to concerts and music festivals

Favorite Book/Poem/Play/other work of literature: Seymour–an Introduction by JD Salinger (I know. I’m sorry.)

Did you receive any awards, accomplishments, present at any conferences, or have work published in any DePaul or non-DePaul publications?? During the 2013-2014 academic year, I was one of the Co-Editors-in-Chief of Crook & Folly. Since then, I’ve contributed as an editorial board member and copy editor to Slag Glass City.