2012 EGSA Conference Proceedings

2012 EGSA Conference, depaulunderground.wordpress.com

A Note From the 2012 EGSA Committee:

The EGSA conference proceedings are up, and we would like to thank the presenters, the keynote speaker, Mahmoud Saeed, our photographer, Ryan Jones, and  faculty advisers, John Shanahan and Craig Sirles. 

Congratulations to all forty-three of our presenters at this year’s conference and to the twelve undergraduate and graduate students featured in the proceedings.

We hope you enjoy the proceedings and photos from the conference!


EGSA Conference

Plan to attend the second annual EGSA Conference Friday, April 15, 2011 at 1:00pm. This year’s keynote speaker, Hannah Pittard, will speak at 7:15pm. Over 40 graduate and undergraduate students will present their work (academic and creative). Refreshments will be served. Don’t miss this exciting annual event!

Check out the full list of presenters and times below:

EGSA Conference Preliminary Program