Career Panel for English Students (10/23/2014)

Career Panel for English Students
Sponsored by Independent Writers of Chicago
Thursday, October 23, Arts & Letters Hall 314, 6:15-7:15 PM

Please come hear two members of the Independent Writers of Chicago discuss how they make a living as writers in the city. Prof. Chris Green will also discuss the English Department’s internship program. Snacks and drinks will be served!

Brandon Campbell grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago and he’s earned two journalism degrees – a bachelor’s from Eastern Illinois University and a master’s from Columbia College Chicago. Brandon has worked as non-fiction freelance writer and editor for more than a decade. Covering everything from politics, music, videogames, and real estate to labor issues and protests, Brandon has worked as a print and broadcast reporter for numerous websites, magazines and radio stations.

Ellen Krupp has been freelancing as a writer and editor for more than 30 years. She earned a B. A. in English from the University of Tulsa, and her first writing job was creating training programs for nurses. Over the years her experience has grown to include writing video scripts, speeches, print materials and web content primarily for corporate clients—basically, any project that pays actual money. She loves the variety that comes with freelancing and has learned to accept the challenges of what sometimes seems like fulltime job hunting.

For those who missed it: Career Night for English Students

MackenzieBy Mackenzie Canfield, Contributing Writer for The Underground

English Career Night: Internships, Non-Profits, and Crooked Paths

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a special career panel aimed at helping English majors find their way in the difficult job market. Finding a good job can prove tough for graduates of any major, but there are particular challenges specific to those of us who major in English.

Didn’t get a chance to attend? No worries — here is a rundown of what was covered at this informative event!

The seminar began with an introduction from DePaul’s English Undergraduate Advisor James Phelps. HeID-10066417 offered three related points to give attendees an idea of how to create a strategic path in order find a suitable career as an English graduate:

  1. Stop thinking in a straight line – be open paths other than the one you intended.
  2. Find things that set you apart from others and pursue those.
  3. Drive the car, don’t let the car drive you. Do this by taking full advantage of any opportunities available.

Following James, Chris Green, Director of Internships, presented information concerning the university’s internship program. He stressed the importance of getting a good internship, saying that internships have become the new interview. Most open positions and jobs aren’t widely posted, and internships can help create connections with companies that will get your foot in the door. Chris presented many noteworthy statistics; here are three that might be of interest:

  1. At large companies, 69% of internships turn into jobs.
  2. At small companies, 39% of internships turn into jobs.
  3. For DePaul’s Class of 2013, 58% of internships led to full-time employment.

The final section of the evening consisted of a panel of three individual that all hold careers with non-profit organizations. Zach Duffy, Tim Jones-Yelvington, and Colleen O’Connor all have various job experience and academic histories; however, they all ended up doing work for three of Chicago’s numerous non-profit groups.

Zach is currently the Director of Education at 826CHI, which works with students and teachers to build programs that promote creative writing. Tim works for Foresight Design Initiative, a company that supports the creation of leadership developmental programs for high school students. Colleen is the managing editor of Switchback Books, as well as the Content and Grant Manager at Northwestern University’s Family Institute.

Despite the differences in the panel’s job positions, they were still able to come up with some general rules of thumb if any English majors are interested in doing non-profit work:

  1. Recognize the work of the group and be committed to their mission – even at the internship level.
  2. Establish relationships with the people at the companies.
  3. Be open to change and be willing to stray from the path you imagined for yourself. (Reinforcing what James began the night with.)
  4. At internship level be willing to do work you deserve to get paid for and set yourself above others by taking initiative.
  5. If your own creative pursuits are important to you, set aside time for them.

Are you craving more information about possible career paths for English majors? Pay a visit to DePaul’s Career Center today. There, the Career Center’s experienced staff can take a look at your resume, recommend a plan of action, lead you in a mock interview, help you look through job postings, and much, much more.

Did You Miss The Career Panel?

Depaul English Department Career Panel,

On November 9, the English Department held a career panel for English students featuring panelists Betsy Crist, who has more than 20 years of experience in the publishing field; Lisa Spengler, who specializes in health care communications and Web marketing; Perrin Davis, senior vice president of editorial services for Agate Publishing; and professor Chris Green, the author of two books of poetry: Epiphany School and The Sky Over Walgreens.

Missed the event? Not a problem, you can watch it here.

Events: Career Panel and Workshop for English Students

Need a little work on your resume and cover letter?

Thinking about a career in copywriting, web marketing, or editing?

On November 2 and 9, the English department will offer a Career Workshop and Career Panel for English Students. That means it’s tailored to you, your concerns, your needs.

Check out the pages under “Events” for more information.