Spring Quarter English Speed Advising at the Career Center


Michael Elias, the English career advising specialist at the Career Center, is offering speed advising slots for English majors at the following dates and times. To book a 30-minute slot, email Michael directly at melias (at) depaul.edu.

Tuesday, April 14, 1-4pm

Friday, May 1, 9am-12pm

Tuesday, May 19, 9-12pm

Students who would like to meet on a different day/time can schedule a meeting through the Career Center front desk at 312.362.8437.

Winter Quarter English Speed Advising at the Career Center

Dearest majors and minors, as we all know, the beginning of the quarter is always extremely busy.

Michael Elias has set aside several slots for English Speed Advising (20-30 min. sessions in SAC 192) for the winter quarter. Students can schedule with him via email here. The dates are:

  • Tuesday, January 27, 1-4pm
  • Tuesday, February 10, 1-4pm
  • Tuesday, February 24, 1-4pm

If you are a junior or senior, now is the time (if you haven’t already) to start taking advantage of the career and professional resources available to you at DePaul as the postgrad job search looms ever nearer. For first-year students and sophomores, it’s a great time to seek guidance as it relates to internships and getting a head start on work experience.

Reminder: October 28th is the Last Day to Withdraw from AQ14 Classes!

Happy Monday, English majors!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 28, is the last day you can withdraw from a fall course.

Strongly consider this deadline if you have performed poorly in classes this quarter, if you are in violation of attendance policies, if extracurricular pressures have interfered with your academics, and/or if you have multiple times in BlueStar that you cannot amend.

If the above paragraph describes you or your situation this term, contact your professors immediately.  Ask to speak with them during office hours about your performance, and ask them frankly what your chances are for passing their courses.  If they say you will most likely fail, withdrawal is your best academic option.

You withdraw from a class following the same method you use to drop a class from your schedule (…see the 3-minute mark, here).  A withdrawal grade (W) has no impact on your GPA.  Academically, withdrawal is always better than failure.

If you have financial aid or a scholarship, know that those are most likely awarded based on a ratio of complete v. incomplete classes.  Check with financial aid before you withdraw from any classes.  There will be no refund to your tuition at this point in the quarter.

Also, withdrawing from a class is different than withdrawing from the university.  Do not withdraw from the university.  Simply “drop” the course in question, and only do so after confirming with your instructor that failure is pending.

If you have any questions about withdrawal, speak with James Phelps or your English Faculty Advisor.

***Fair warning: James has let us know that his advising schedule is extremely full given the registration schedule at present and recommends that you speak with your faculty advisor. 

Career Center Speed Advising Fall 2014

Michael Elias, the English Department’s designated career counselor in the DePaul Career Center, has set up English Speed Advising (20-30 min. sessions) for the Fall Quarter.

The sessions are held in SAC 192, and students can email Michael directly to schedule a meeting. The dates are as follows:

  •  Tuesday, September 23, 1-4pm
  • Tuesday, October 14, 1-4pm
  • Tuesday, November 4, 1-4pm

Students can still schedule 60-minute sessions outside of these blocks, but the speed advising can be helpful for those students looking to maximize their time. Contact Michael directly to schedule an appointment or with any questions!

Michael Elias
Assistant Director, Career Specialist | Career Center | DePaul University
1 E. Jackson Blvd. | Chicago, IL 60604
Office Location: 1 E. Jackson Blvd., Suite 9500 | Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: (312) 362-8437 (for appointments) | Tel: (312) 362-6749 (direct line)
melias@depaul.edu | www.depaul.edu