Student Resource Center

Arts and Letters Hall DePaul University,

Located in the second-floor English Department suite, the Student Resource Center is a multi-purpose room that can be used by Department of English graduate and undergraduate students, and student organizations and work groups. 

The Resource Center is equipped with comfortable chairs, a conference table, computers, and bookshelves with department books and research materials. There’s also a bulletin board where student organizations and groups can post flyers and announcements (with the Department’s permission).

Its an ideal place to relax and study, or hold meetings. The room is open from the hours of 8:30-6:00 pm  Monday through Friday and can be reserved by student organizations/groups for meetings.

To reserve the room:

  • Check the calendar posted outside the door for available dates/times
  • Leave the organization/group name, meeting time, and contact information (name, email, and phone) in the date box on the calendar

Student Resource Center Guidelines
Student Resource Center Information

If you have any additional questions about the Student Resource Center, contact Cathy Clark (  

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