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Gain exclusive first access to DePaul’s new mentorship community!

The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) network is launching a new mentorship platform where you can connect with DePaul alumni who have been in your shoes. Connect with at least 3 mentors this week.

When you join as a Student, you will be able to:
* Expand your DePaul community
* Connect with alumni in your city or industry of interest
* Establish short-term or long-term mentorships with alumni
* Learn about and apply for internships and jobs
* Access educational/career resources and discussions

It just takes a couple minutes to register. Visit here to learn more about how the program works. Hope to see you on board soon!

Internship Opportunity: Chicago High School for the Arts


See below for a terrific internship opportunity from the Chicago High School for the Arts. If you’re selected, contact Prof. Chris Green ( to register for ENG 392, Winter quarter internship credit. Explore more internship opportunities here.

From ChiArts:

We will be modeling the internship after that of student teaching, in which there will be a mentor teacher, observation, planning, teaching and reflection.

We’re looking for a Creative Writing Undergraduate student (preferably a Junior or Senior) and would interview all possible candidates.

All of our Creative Writing classes meet from 2pm-5pm, but there would be other meetings with Tina and the lead teacher which would happen earlier in the day.




An Intern at the Chicago High School for the Arts will be working in Creative Writing classrooms to both follow and provide planned instruction, along with classroom management as outlined by the Lead Teacher or Creative Writing Department Head.  A wide variety of tasks are performed to ensure a high quality teaching and learning environment for the intern and students. An intern must be very flexible and be willing to exercise good judgment when making decisions. They must have superior verbal and written communication skills. The intern will observe, prepare and teach classes in a variety of creative writing disciplines.  The Creative Writing Department Head and Lead Teacher will monitor the work performed by intern. The Creative Writing Department Head and Lead Teacher will provide feedback to the intern on lesson planning, developing and maintaining healthy teacher/student relationships, building classroom management, teaching strategies, giving feedback to students and talking with parents.  This internship is meant to model that of student teachers and give the intern more tools and experience in front of the classroom.  This is an unpaid internship with credit hours awarded upon completion.


  • Observe, prepare for and teach creative writing classes.
  • Prepare lesson plans with the aid of Lead Teacher and Creative Writing Head.
  • Complete all necessary records accurately i.e. attendance tracking.
  • Monitor student behavior, keep students focused and on task.
  • Provide positive feedback and reinforce student achievement.
  • Ensure class space, materials, and equipment are used appropriately and remain in good condition.
  • Encourage appropriate social skills and respect for others.
  • Assist in addressing minor student conflicts and request assistance from administration when support is needed.
  • Create a portfolio of work done with the students (lesson plans, assignments, assessments, reflections, etc).
  • Conference with Lead Teacher and/or Creative Writing Department Head.
  • Employee must demonstrate the ability to maintain confidentiality of student information.
  • Interns are expected to be prompt, reliable, professionally dressed, and follow all ChiArts’ policies and guidelines
  • Additional expectations will be communicated on a day-by-day basis
  • Complete required hours to obtain credits per academic institution


A Creative Writing student currently enrolled in a baccalaureate program

Experience in creative writing or course-related field preferred

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Excellent interpersonal skills

Excellent curriculum development skills

Excellent classroom management ability

Willingness to receive and give feedback

Interested applicants should send:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • 3-5 page Writing Sample (Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction)
  • Three Professional References (name, Position, telephone number and email)

to Tina Boyer Brown and Kenyatta Rogers

Job Opportunity: Frog Tutoring

frog tutoring

Frog Tutoring is a tutoring company looking for students that are passionate and knowledgeable about teaching and learning.

All Frog Tutoring tutors will meet with assigned students to provide one-on-one private tutoring for subject matters in their areas of expertise. Tutors are to serve as a guide and coach to assist their students to become a successful, independent learner while integrating effective study and learning strategies to maximize the student’s potential for academic progress. Ultimately, it is the tutor’s responsibility to motivate students to want to learn, achieve, and be self-motivated.

Why Work For Frog Tutoring?

  1. Flexibility
  2. Tutors will choose which grade levels and subjects to tutor
  3. Tutors will create their own work schedule
  4. As long as tutors work the minimum amount of hours a week, they can work as many hours as they like
  5. Driving compensation depending on the distance
  6. Bonuses for tutors who constantly receive high tutor rankings
  7. Incentives and acknowledgement
  8. Tutor of the Month receives a special prize
  9. Tutor Referral Program during busy season
  10. During times when there is a high need for tutors, current tutors will receive a bonus for every person referred and hired that are qualified to tutor in high demand subjects

If this position interests you, please apply at the Frog Tutoring website.

Event Review: Career Panel on Editing


By Caitlyn Ward, contributor to the Underground

On Wednesday, October 18 in Arts and Letters Hall, the English department held a career night featuring a panel of editors. Wendy McClure, senior editor at Albert Whitman and Company, Kate DeVivo, VP at Agate Publishing, and Donna Seaman, editor for Booklist and the recipient of the James Friend Memorial Award for Literary Criticism, shared what it takes to make it in the world of editing and publishing.

Wendy works in children’s publishing, Kate in developmental publishing, and Donna in the world of book reviews; each career requires passion and creativity. Seeing these women talk about the love they have for their jobs reassured me that this was a field in which I want to work, and hearing about their different backgrounds inspired me to think about all the different career paths an English major can take. Each woman spoke highly of the challenges that come with editing and how each day was a small puzzle in making sure that this book, magazine, or textbook goes out into the world to positively impact readers.

Donna spoke about the need to be inventive, critical, and curious when evaluating any piece of literature. The panel also touched upon the importance of dabbling in different areas of publishing. For instance, you might go from working on cookbooks to working on children’s books, and each experience will add to your understanding of the publishing process. After listening to this panel of women, I took away a valuable lesson: have passion. Whether it’s love for an author, a genre of literature, or a project you hope to work on, a love of English is a must. Seeing three publishing professionals so enthusiastic about their work was inspiring and has made my love of literature, as well as my respect for those who work to bring new books and ideas to readers, grow.

Internship Roundup: Winter Quarter

Winter Quarter 2018 Internships

Check out this smattering of terrific internship opportunities — apply soon, and if you’re selected, contact Prof. Chris Green ( to register for ENG 392 for Winter Quarter credit. This will cover 4 hours of English elective credit and your JYEL requirement, if you need it. Good luck!

1. Cambridge Educational Services

See three pdfs for a Marketing/Graphic Arts Internship, a Marketing Copywriter Internship, and an Editorial Internship.

2. iO Theater
iO Theater is seeking interns to help with producing and marketing at our Lincoln Park comedy theater. Students will be able to take on creative projects that interest them and set their own hours for college credit. If you’re interested in producing or marketing, please send your resume and a cover letter to Shelby Plummer and specify if you are interested in producing, marketing, or both.

3. Incarcerated Voices Radio Internship
See this pdf for application info.

Arts eVentures is looking for an intern to assist with a number of SEO related projects. Among other things, the intern will be involved with: i) keyword research and analysis; ii) the search for pertinent online industry and local search directories; iii) the writing and/or editing of website content; and, iv) the updating of social media pages.

We are looking for a student with initiative, good writing skills and the ability to work well with minimal supervision. A basic understanding of SEO is welcome but not necessary; we are prepared to teach the skills that are required. We will however give preference to someone who is already very active on social media.

Arts eVentures provides web development, email marketing, search engine optimization and other online marketing services for small to mid-size businesses and non-profits across the USA and in a few foreign countries. We are a ‘virtual’ company with people at various locations and no fixed office. Our web design and development work is all done at our tech center in India.

Interested applicants may learn more about us and what we do at They may also contact Norman Lawrence at Norman@artseventures com with information about their skills and experience.


Chicago Literary Hall of Fame is seeking two motivated interns . We need help on a variety of projects requiring research, writing, editing, event planning, fundraising, and graphic design. For more information about the organization, view our website at: To apply for an internship, contact Donald G. Evans at

6. SLAG GLASS CITY Editorial Internship

Please see this document detailing Editorial Internship positions with Slag Glass City (ignore the old date on the notice), the DePaul English Dept.’s incredible urban nonfiction lit mag run by Prof. Barrie Borich.

7. Another Chicago Magazine (ACM) Social Media Internship

We need a social media intern who can handle our Facebook and Twitter accounts and write the newsletter. Contact the new editor, Sandi Wisenberg

8. Outreach 360 International Service-Learning Internships 
Visit Outreach 360 for more information.

9. ODD TALE STUDIOS Social Media Writing Internships 
Odd Tale Studios ( is a growing cloud based company that provides news across multiple platforms, which include video games, anime and movies.

Currently our main focus is on video games news and entertainment. Our goal is to have an inclusive platform that promotes women and people of color in the industry and at home.

Odd Tale Studios will utilize social media marketing (SMM) to not only deliver news to our audience but to start a conversation with them. Our articles and videos are the starting point for those conversations. Through SMM our audience can not only hear our voice but be given one themselves .

We’re looking for interns who want to work REMOTELY the experience and know-how of working as a video game journalist. We are small but you can learn the basics of SMM as well as start to build up your press contacts and rapport. If you like what we’re doing and believe in it and want to help us grow, then we’d love to have you as a part of our team.


– Assist with editorial projects and provide support to the Communications Editor.
– Proofreading both hard and electronic files, basic copyediting, and writing of proposals and reports;
– Marketing your articles via social media
-Making and maintaining PR contacts
– Work on special projects, as needed
– Working towards a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, English, business communications, or communication arts.
– Strong organizational and communication skills with keen attention to detail and problem solving skills
– Knowledge of MS Office applications, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
– Familiarity with Adobe In Design and Adobe Acrobat is a plus
Required – English, Microsoft Word, Writing
Preferred – WordPress
About Odd Tale Studios
For Geeks by Geeks
Odd Tale Studios ( is a growing cloud based company that provides news across multiple platforms, which include video games, anime and movies. Currently our main focus is on video games news and entertainment. Our goal is to have an inclusive platform that promotes women and people of color in the industry and at home. Odd Tale Studios will utilize social media marketing (SMM) to not only deliver news to our audience but to start a conversation with them. Our articles and videos are the starting point for those conversations. Through SMM our audience can not only hear our voice but be given one themselves.

If interested, contact Elijah Lee

10. Internship with the writer Jeff Fleischer 

I could use help with
– Lexis-Nexis/Factiva research
– News research
– Proofreading of draft copy
– Pitching projects
– Brainstorming marketing ideas
– Social media
Jeff Fleischer is a Chicago-based author, journalist and editor. His fiction has appeared in more than two dozen publications including the Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row Journal, Shenandoah, the Saturday Evening Post and So It Goes by the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. He is also the author of non-fiction books including “Votes of Confidence: A Young Person’s Guide to American Elections,” “Rockin’ the Boat: 50 Iconic Revolutionaries,” and “The Latest Craze: A Short History of Mass Hysterias.” He is a veteran journalist published in Mother Jones, the New Republic, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, Mental_Floss, National Geographic Traveler and dozens of other publications.

If interested, contact Jeff at

11. DZANC BOOKS Editorial internship (apply in November)

If you’re interested in an internship at Dzanc Books, please email a resume and writing sample to Senior Editor, Michelle Dotter