Nominate a Fellow Student for the Bill and Irene Beck Award for Community Engagement

The English Department seeks nominations for the Bill and Irene Beck Award for Community Engagement. This award is named for a family whose support of our own Big Shoulders Books makes possible the publication of socially conscious literature by and about Chicagoans. In the spirit of this generosity, we would like to honor the great work our students do in their communities.

If you are someone who volunteers, interns, or otherwise devotes time to assisting with community organizations, partners, and/or individuals, please nominate yourself for this award. Or, if you know someone whose commitment to community shows up in their work outside the university, please nominate that person. Nominations are due on Friday, May 14 and must include:

·         A statement of no more than 250 words describing the kind, duration, and intensity of the nominee’s community engagement
·         Contact information for two references who can attest to the nominee’s social justice work

Nominees with 3.0 GPAs are preferred.

Please submit your nomination to Miles Harvey, director of the DePaul Publishing Institute, at on or before Friday, May 19. Please use BECK AWARD in the subject line.