A Huge Congratulations To Megan Heffernan!

Megan Heffernan has been awarded a fellowship from Notre Dame’s Institute for Advanced Study for 2023-2024 to work on her next book, Resilient Books: Archival Science in an Age of Precarity. The Institute’s research theme for next year is “The Long Run,” and it’s described this way: “Practical decision-making, ethical evaluation, scientific modeling, and cultural meaning-making all increasingly push us to consider causes that extend further and further into the past and consequences that extend further and further into the future. The Long Run Project will bring together humanists, scientists, social scientists, policy scholars, and artists to consider how we understand, manage, and respond to events that lie in the distant future or past, or challenges that unfold over long periods of time.” Professor Heffernan will be in residence at Notre Dame University for all of next academic year.

God Quad aerial..Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame