RSVP to the 11th Annual Spring English Conference this Friday

Just TWO days until the 2020 Spring English Conference. Don’t miss out on thoughtful discussions on a variety of topics!

To attend a specific panel, please RSVP at to access the Zoom link and password.


SESSION 1 (1:00-1:45pm)

  • Climate Writing: Maxwell Rowe-Sutton, Karen Rosen, Abby Vakulskas
  • Exploring Place: Corinne Witt, Amelia Modes, Dan Carroll, Elizabeth Wayne

SESSION 2 (2:00-2:45pm)

  • Writing About Fear and Illness: Angie Raney, Cedar Sutter, Isabel Cartwright, Caley Koch
  • Identity and Relationships: Caitlin Costello, Miakoda Frost, Tess Melvin, Juan Manuel Sandoval

SESSION 3 (3:00-3:45pm)

  • Beyond the Familiar: Caitlin Howland, Miriam Cortinovis, Averi Paulsen, Lucy Miller
  • Redefining Myth and Traditions: Susana Cardenas-Soto, Eric Canan, Mikaela Lawson

SESSION 4 (4:00-4:45pm)

  • Political Lineages: Susana Cardenas-Soto, Eva Lopez, Himashi Jayasundera, Ruth Young
  • Writing About Gender: Sarah Bramer, Emma Mares, Hana Anwar, Isabel Cartwright