Call for Submissions: The London Reader

#MeToo: Stories of Survival
Deadline October 30th, 2018

The London Reader is issuing an open call for short stories, creative non-fiction, poetry, art, true stories, and all other creative writing from those who want to stand up and speak out against sexual harassment, assault, intimate partner violence, or any other unwanted sexual conduct.

The #MeToo movement has begun to reveal just how many people have been affected by an often-ignored, but all-too-common, culture of sexual entitlement and violence. Survivors are increasingly standing up, telling their stories, and forcing the world to listen. This issue of the London Reader will confront this challenging topic by sharing their stories of pain and of survival.

What to submit: Creative works can be stand-alone pieces or collections, but should be fewer than 5,000 words. Multiple submissions are welcome. Artwork should be favourably viewed on a tablet or a single page.

How to submit: Email submissions and questions to Place ‘MeToo Submission’ in the subject line. While they normally ask contributors to include a short biographical statement in the body of the e-mail, they will also accept anonymous submissions for this open call due to its sensitive nature. Please indicate whether the submitted pieces have been previously published and whether you hold publication rights to them.

The deadline for submission on this theme is October 30, 2018.