The New English Major in Fall 2017

As you may have heard, there will be a new English major starting in Fall 2017.

Although this is big and wonderful news, it mostly affects students who will enter DePaul in 2017-2018 and after. Your English major as it exists now will not change. The requirements you see posted in your Degree Progress Report will remain the requirements you must fulfill to graduate.

However, there are three ways the new program may affect your studies—depending on your personal progress in the English major:

  • All Majors: We will change the name of the Diverse Traditions (DT) requirement to Race, Ethnicity, and Sexuality (or RES). In future terms, as you look to complete your DT requirement, scan the schedule for “RES” classes instead of DT.
  • Newer Majors: Autumn Quarter 2017 is the last time the English department will offer the current English Core classes, ENG 220 and ENG 221. If you have yet to complete ENG 220 and/or ENG 221, you must enroll in your missing core class/es this fall. Failure to do so may negate your ability to easily complete the current English major.
  • On-the-Fence Majors: If you aren’t sure whether you prefer to concentrate in Lit Studies or Creative Writing, or if you are thinking of switching from an English major to an English double major, please know that changing your program plan after June 15, 2017 will default you into the new major requirements. Should this happen, meet with James Phelps ( right away.

If you have any questions about the new major, or if you are interested in switching into the new major, please schedule an appointment with James Phelps in BlueStar.