RHINO Literary Magazine Internships


RHINO Literary Magazine, a national poetry journal out of Evanston, is seeking three interns:

1) One to do paperwork tasks at the table at meetings, web searches, and some data entry.

2) One to put together a RHINO manual.  He/she would interview each editor to learn what administrative tasks they perform and how they perform them.  He/she would then write those up and share them with the editor.  The total of those interviews would form the basis for an operating manual.  The intern would be guided by me but would need to be able to work independently.

3) One to work on social media posts, particularly twitter and blogs.

If interested, please contact editor Ralph Hamilton at rhamilto9@aol.com. If you are selected, contact Professor Chris Green, cgreen1@depaul.edu, and he will register you for course credit.