Visiting Designer Series Talk: Narrative Design is the New Game Design

VDS 16-17_Poster_NarrativeDesign

Narrative Design is the New Game Design

Clara Fernandez-Vara and Matt Weise

Thursday, April 27

The need for interactive narrative content is becoming increasingly obvious, through the easier accessibility to digital contents through mobile digital platforms, as well as the rapid growth of technologies for augmented, mixed and virtual reality. Games are the medium that has been designing participatory narratives for the longest time, having dealt with the challenges of integrating interaction and storytelling head-on, and game designers are still grappling with how to create engaging narrative experiences. The emerging discipline of narrative design provides us with a series of strategies that often defy both the tenets of traditional of storytelling as well as popular approaches to game design. In order to create new participatory content, we need to set aside misconceptions about the nature of both stories and games, and focus on the creation of worlds, the design of narrative systems, and the generation of spaces for digital performance.

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