Calling all Spanish-speakers!


An exciting opportunity from 826CHI:

826CHI is recruiting Spanish-speaking volunteers to help translate and proofread the upcoming chapbook written by students in our After-School Tutoring & Writing program. This is a fun opportunity to support Chicago students and gain translation experience for your résumé. Plus: We will buy you pizza.


826CHI is a creative writing and tutoring center that regularly publishes student work. This spring we’re translating 50 poems and short stories for the upcoming bilingual chapbook in our After-School Tutoring & Writing program. The last bilingual chapbook, Swimming Among The Stars/Nadando por las estrellas, came out in fall 2015 and was a huge success. We’re very excited to make this fantastic, dual-language project happen for the third consecutive school-year.

Parranda Palabrita will be held on Thursday, February 16th from 6:00 – 7:30, at 1276 N. Milwaukee Ave. We’ll eat pizza, discuss translation strategies, and put our heads together to translate student work and proofread.

What kinds of things do the students write about? Our students are in grades 1-8 and write poetry and short fiction. Pieces range from Pablo Neruda-inspired odes about sweaters, to mystery stories about the Obamas’ missing dog.

Why are we doing this? Around 80% of our students speak Spanish at home. We think it’s important to celebrate our students’ cultural heritage and emphasize the awesomeness of bilingualism. (Una persona bilingüe vale por dos!) We also want to engage Spanish-speaking family members by having a dual-language chapbook and chapbook release party.

How can I help if I can’t make it to the translation event? I’ll email you a collaborative Google doc where you can translate student work, proofread translations, and suggest alternatives.

What if I don’t have any translation experience? Come anyway! We’ll talk a little bit about translation strategies before we start.

Can I put this on a résumé or at least add it to my LinkedIn profile? Yes! We’ll also give credit to our translators in the chapbook, so you can include this as a publication on your resume or C.V.

How much pizza will you give me? Please RSVP so we’ll have plenty of food for everyone!