Divestment Presentation, Rap, and Open Mic Event

The Chicago Climate Festival, an initiative of DePaul University’s Institute for Nature & Culture is pleased to announce its first scheduled event, Raptivate!

The evening will begin with a presentation by Melissa Brice, founder of Chicago 350. Brice will be speaking on Climate Change and Fossil Fuel Divestment.  Divestment is a fascinating and controversial subject that needs the input of creative, forward-looking, and articulate individuals with a big-picture perspective.  Please come out to contribute to this vitally important conversation and help to move it forward.

See “Fossil Fuel Divestment in a Nutshell” at the Institute for Nature & Culture blog, Environmental Critique:

Also see “The Climate Math”:

In keeping with the Festival’s focus on the arts, Brice’s talk will be followed by a performance of climate-change rap and an open mic.  Joey FineRhyme, a climate-change educator and “raptivist” will perform written material and rap “off-the-dome,” and then host a spoken-word open mic session.

  • Open Mic volunteers wanted.  Please RSVP to (to ensure a spot)

The event will take place on October 5th, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, in the McGowan South science building at 1110 W. Belden Ave., on DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus, in Room 105.

See information about this and other events in our “Event Calendar” at the Chicago Climate Festival website, and our Facebook site (below that):

Please come out to this important and entertaining event!  Be the Change!!!


“ has chapters organized across the United States and in countries abroad, pressuring universities, colleges, church organizations and governments to withdraw their funds from companies extracting carbon based fuels from the earth, burning said fuels and polluting the planet ” (Chicago 350)

“Driven by the belief that rhythm and rhyme are powerful tools to inspire action, the anchor for many of FineRhyme’s lyrics returns to this ethos of Be the Change.” (Joey FineRhyme)