Literary Studies Speaker Series Welcomes Dr. Carolyn Goffman, Wednesday January 27th


The DePaul University Department of English Literary Studies Speaker Series welcomes Dr. Carolyn Goffman on Wednesday, Jan. 27th at 4:30pm. Dr. Goffman will give a talk entitled “Repurposing the American Mission”.

Carolyn Goffman specializes in postcolonial literature and theory, with a particular interest in womens education in the Middle East. She researches and writes on American missionary educators and their students in the Ottoman Empire, and she has spent much time in Turkey. Her teaching interests include World Literature, the twentieth-century postcolonial novel, and postcolonial theory. Currently, she is investigating early twentieth-century foreign education in China and its parallels to American projects in the Ottoman Empire. Dr. Goffman directs the graduate Internship and Certificate program in Teaching English in the Two Year College.