Outstanding Senior Spotlight: Jordan Weber

The Outstanding Seniors are students who have been commended by the faculty of the English Department for their excellent academic work, commitment to English studies, and involvement in Department programming and publications. We are proud of how well they represent our department and wish to congratulate them on their successful completion of Bachelor’s degrees in English!

Name: Jordan Weber

Hometown: LeGrand, IA

Major/Minor(s) at DePaul: English Literature and Philosophy Double Major

Graduation Quarter: Spring 2015

Post-graduation plans: Returning to DePaul as a Graduate Assistant to pursue a Master’s degree in English Literature.

A favorite or memorable class(es) you took in the English Department, and why: Newberry Library Seminar, though not technically in the English department. It was taught by the wonderful Prof. Marcy Dinius. It was an amazing multi-disciplinary course on the American Civil War and extremely formative
for my academic career at one of the greatest research libraries in the world.

Favorite DePaul Professors, and why: I have had so many wonderful English professors the last four
years that picking favorites would be a disservice to their phenomenal work. However, since this likely
will not make it across departments, I will say Rick Lee is my favorite philosophy Professor. He is a mad
Interests:  Chicago’s DIY music scene, watching T.V. instead of doing homework, and beer.

Favorite Book/Poem/Play/other work of literature: Waiting for Godot or Endgame by Samuel Beckett

Did you receive any awards, accomplishments, present at any conferences, or have work published in
any DePaul or non-DePaul publications??
I presented twice at DePaul’s Spring English Conference. I am a distinction student. I was published twice in DePaul’s humanities journal Creating Knowledge, once for the English Department and once for the Philosophy Department. The latter essay was also awarded The David Farrell Krell Outstanding Philosophy Paper Award.