Intern for Poet Barry Silesky

Aspiring poets in the DePaul community will be excited to learn about this internship opportunity that involves working directly with award-winning poet Barry Silesky. Barry was the 2013 Paladin Award winner, an honor given by RHINO magazine for “extraordinary long-term contribution to poetry in Illinois”.

Barry happens to have MS and is looking for a Spring Quarter intern to help him type and submit his poetry to literary magazines. If you are a poet, you could read your work to Barry, get feedback, and submit any revisions along with Barry’s work to the various magazines. Barry could also help you with your cover letter.

If you are interested, send a cover letter and a few of your poems to his wife, Sharon Solwitz at ssolwitz (at) 

Bio below courtesy of the RHINO website. Photo copyright Sharon Solwitz.silesky_barry

Barry Silesky was born in Minneapolis, MN, but came to Chicago to attend to Northwestern University (BA) and the University of Illinois at Chicago (MA).  He was the founding Editor of ACM (Another Chicago Magazine) and has taught at both the School of the Art Institute and Loyola University Chicago.  For many years, Barry also taught a workshop out of his home. Barry’s long list of publications includes collections of poetry, short prose, and biographies: The New Tenants (1992),One Thing That Can Save Us (1994), This Disease: Poems (2006), Ferlinghetti, The Artist in His Time (1990), and John Gardner, Literary Outlaw (2004).  Barry is a leader in the Chicago poetry community and has always been committed to the intersection of poetry and politics, art and activism.  He has also mentored many local poets and nurtured the careers of countless others.”