Write for a New Online Publication, Queer Daily!

Queer Daily is a new online publication started and staffed by DePaul students, and they want your writing!

Queer Daily is a space for writers from the LGBTQA community to share their opinions, ideas, and stories. Queer Daily is focused on fostering a community of writers who simply want to share their voice. Articles are typically 400-800 words long. The subject matter is open, except that it must be either directly or indirectly related to the LGBTQA community. Writers might focus on an issue in the news or in their personal life.

Writing Tools

Interested writers should email Editor-in-Chief Sam Schwindt at queerdailynews@gmail.com with what they want to write about. If a writer is interested but doesn’t know what to write about, Sam can add them to an email list to which story ideas are sent every week.