DePaul Professor Eric Selinger in the Washington Post

pixelNewsline: Eric Selinger

Image via DePaul Newsline. Copyright 2013 DePaul University.

Hey all! Our very own Professor Eric Selinger was quoted in a great story on the inaugural romance conference held at the Library of Congress just before Valentine’s Day.

Fan relations are enormous in the romance world, and romance readers come in all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds. But they’re almost never male. “The last thing popular romance needs is a man in a suit ‘mansplaining’ what belongs in the canon,” said DePaul University professor Eric Selinger, the rare man at the conference who actually adores romance fiction. Selinger has taught multiple courses on the genre and edits the Journal of Popular Romance Studies.

“There are not a lot of us who read these books,” he admitted. “There’s this thinking that men are not interested in love, which doesn’t make a lot of sense when you look at popular music. For many of the men, they find the books tremendously intimidating.”

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