Ander Monson: Letter to a Future Book and Reader–February 11th, 2015, 7pm


On Wednesday, February 11th (7:00-8:30 pm, in room 120 of the DePaul Student Center), join us for the inaugural event in the DePaul Humanities Center series –

Discards: The Future(s) of the Book and Library – by welcoming:

Ander Monson: Letter to a Future Book and Reader

Acclaimed poet, renowned author, and wildly inventive anarchic library patron, Ander Monson comes to DePaul’s Humanities Center to celebrate the publication of his groundbreaking book, Letter to a Future Lover, and to investigate what it means to be a reader, a writer, a book lover, and a library client.

Beginning the evening with Jessica Speer and an exploration of the nature of the archive (by means of puppetry), Monson will then offer a lecture and reading from his new work: a collection of index cards inspired by, and placed into, various library books around the world.  Sure to cause a popular and critical stir in 2015, Monson’s new work is a stunningly original, groundbreaking writing project that crosses all boundaries of fiction and nonfiction, reader and writer, modern and postmodern.  In celebration of the creative revolutionary energy of Monson’s work, at the end of the evening the audience will be invited to participate in a group writing and performative act that will change DePaul forever….

Join us for a special puppet-filled, index card-marked, interactive evening as we come together to reimagine the nature of an archive, a library, a printed idea, and the act of reading itself.

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