Luminarts Cultural Foundation Creative Writing Competition Now Accepting Applications (deadline June 1, 2015)

**While the deadline for this competition is somewhat far off, we’d like to call you attention to it now and will repost during Spring Quarter.


Luminarts is now accepting applications
for the 2015 Creative Writing Competition!

The Creative Writing Competition awards five $5,000 grant awards and Luminarts Fellowships across categories of creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

Entries are submitted to the competition and reviewed by an initial panel of jurors. Once tallied, all top entries go to the final juror panel and the winners are selected.

Jurors are comprised of professional authors, novelists, and American poets, literary contributors, publishers, editors, journalists and media contributors, and Pulitzer and PEN Hemingway Award Winners.

Head over to the Luminarts Creative Writing homepage to learn more. Submission guidelines and eligibility requirements can be found here.