MAKE Literary Magazine Presents the Lit & Luz Festival: Archive Show on 10/18

LitLuzRooney 10_18

If Saturday night remains open for you, Undergrounders, definitely consider checking out this super-awesome event. It’s directed by Jane Beachy of Salonathon fame an promises an insanely accomplished and interesting lineup and an interesting blend of performance, visual art, literature, and all sorts of other amazingness. ALSO, Irvine Welshauthor of cult favorite Trainspotting, will be present!

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Some highlights:

  • An abbreviated Adam Burke Show featuring authors Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting), Álvaro Enrigue (Hypothermia), and Don De Grazia (American Skin) in conversation on the topic of urban literature and translation (Welsh’s books are being translated into Spanish by Anagrama, also Enrigue’s publisher.)
  • A presentation/performance on the art of letter writing with readings and projections from Chicago author Kathleen Rooney (O’Democracy) and award-winning Mexico City author and visual artist Verónica Gerber Bicecci.
  • Chicago author and songwriter Marvin Tate will perform new work and songs based on his own work and that of Mexico City author Valeria Luiselli (Faces in the Crowd)
  • Chicago’s incomparable son jarocho group Ida y Vuelta will perform as the house band during the show and follow it with a full set.
  • An event space designed through a collaboration between Chicago Design Museum’s Roman Titus and Mexico City artist Alejandro Almanza Pereda, with support from sculptor Patrick McGee.