Istanbul Study Abroad Application Deadline Extended


The application for the study abroad program in Istanbul has been extended to June 1st.  Please see below for the course description. 

Byzantine, Ottoman, and Turkish History and Culture

Explore the history and culture of Istanbul—the center of Byzantine civilization for a millennium, the capital of the Ottoman Empire for more than 450 years and the largest city of the modern Turkish republic. Because of its strategic location between Europe and Asia, Istanbul has played a key role in the history of the world since the emperor Con­stantine made it the capital of the eastern Roman Empire in the year 330 and named it Constantinople. Trace the evolution of this great city by examining the well-preserved monuments of Roman/Byzantine civilization, exploring the mosques and palaces of the Ottoman centuries, and experiencing the culture and hospitality of modern Turkey. The on-cam­pus course in autumn quarter is followed by travel to Istan­bul from November 30 to December 14. Earn eight credits total for ENG 398 and 389 (also fulfills “Understanding the Past” and “Arts & Liter­ature”). Program Faculty: Dr. Jeremy Mulderig and Dr. Carolyn Goffman.

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