Summer Internship Opportunities 2014

For those of you looking to gain some work experience this summer, here are some internship opportunities:

NOTE: If accepted for any of the following internships, you must register for the summer ENG 392/509 online internship course. To register, you send Prof. Chris Green your Student ID # and he will register you.

Author Research Assistant

NOTE: An author research assistantship is a great way to learn how a great writer practices his or her craft…and how you might one day work as a practicing writer. To apply for any of the following author research assistantships, send Prof. Chris Green a cover letter stating your interest and qualifications, a writing sample, and possibly a resume if you have relevant experience. Generally, these authors are looking for graduate students, but advanced undergraduates may also apply. You can apply for more than one research assistantship. Prof. Green will prescreen all applications then forward select student applications to the various authors for possible interviews.

1. Rebecca Makkai, author of The Borrower (Viking, 2011) and The Hundred-Year House (Viking, 2014)

I had an article last summer in Harper’s about my Hungarian grandparents’ unusual and high-profile lives in the 1930s, and I’m in the early stages of the research necessary to turn it into a book (a hybrid of memoir and fiction). My grandmother was a well-known author with a strong liberal bent; my grandfather was a member of parliament, instrumental in crafting the infamous anti-Jewish laws and, later, in fighting against those same laws. They were both complicated, conflicted, problematic people. There is a lot about them online, and a lot of scholarship on both of them, but much of this is in Hungarian. A student intern would first help me catalog what information is available in English, and then assist with contacting sources in Hungary regarding translation, research, and access to existing scholarship. (I would not dare to hope for someone who speaks Hungarian, because who the hell speaks Hungarian? This would all happen in English.)

Additionally, I’m in the midst of putting together a story collection and could use help on comparing and consolidating drafts, proofreading, and other related minutia.

In exchange, I’d be glad to give extensive feedback on one short story or novel excerpt, and/or bury the intern under a mountain of useful craft handouts.

2. Don De Grazia, author of the novel, American Skin, and Columbia College Professor

The intern will assist a novelist and Creative Writing professor on a variety of research projects.  The primary focus will be on a research for a novel and a series of essays and papers relating to the professor’s Critical Reading and Writing: Fiction Writers and Censorship course.

3. Golda Goldbloom

Student must be able to translate French. We will be working on the translation of the (mostly never before seen or translated) letters of the artist Gwen John to her lover, the sculptor, Auguste Rodin. These are mostly accounts of her everyday life in 1904 Paris, but they are sometimes very racy accounts of her sex life. I am working on a novel about one very intense year in Gwen John’s life, although the research may also include searching for information about the 1942 Vel D’Hiv roundups of the Jews.

4. Peggy Shinner, author of a new essay collection, You Feel So Mortal

I’m in the beginning stages of working on a literary nonfiction piece about the links between atomic destruction and depictions of women and female sexuality, specifically in the 1940s and 1950s.  This interest grew out of my discovery that a French fashion designer named his new two-piece bathing suit “bikini” after the bombing of Bikini Atoll in 1946.  The bathing suit caused an uproar, not only because it was so scant, but because of its direct reference to the atomic bomb and its explosive impact.  What other connections between atomic destruction and female sexuality emerged during the mid-twentieth century and how did they play out?

5. John Bresland

Three projects: an essay film about brutalist architecture; another essay film about “Mural,” a painting by Jackson Pollock; and a video essay about the voice in cinema. I would be grateful for research help on all fronts!

6. Sandi Wisenberg, author of Cancer Bitch

home: 1301 W. Byron, Lakeview, 12 min. walk from Red (Addison) and Brown (Southport) line stops; half block from Clark bus stop; I also have Northwestern campus offices in Streeterville and Evanston

libraries I use: Northwestern in Evanston and Chicago (Streeterville); Chicago and Evanston city libraries; DePaul library will have some books that I need

frequent web sites and data bases:, Jstor, online oral history archives, online Southern history archives

project:: I’m working on a collage book about the South, MOMENTS IN SELMA & OTHER GLIMPSES OF THE SOUTH, mixing oral history, personal essay, literary journalism, observation, fruits of archive research. The major themes are race and history, and a main part of my agenda is creating surprise, revealing the unexpected. The final manuscript is due at the end of August.

Research help: I envision that the intern would transcribe interviews, locate and check out library books for me, look up historical information (articles, facts, maps, documents) as well as current contact information online, research local archives, double-check facts, proofread, locate information in books, and help me with clerical/organizational work.

Requirements: someone who is has a good work ethic and cares about providing information that is accurate, who is not afraid to ask questions, is curious and wants to learn, has initiative.

7. Jonathan Eig, author of The Birth of The Pill and Get Capone

I’ve got a new book in the works—a biography of Muhammad Ali—and it’s going to be a massive research project, so I could definitely use another researcher.

8. Nancy Grossman, author of A World Away

The first draft of my second novel – a middle grade book – is almost done, and my next step is to get deeper in my research.  Some of the themes explored in the book include adolescent depression, the Syrian orphan crisis, the experience of refugee war orphans in the U.S., Muslim cultural practices, and mosque schools for girls.

9. Achy Obejas, author of Ruins

Looking for a summer intern to assist with the final stages of publishing, as well as marketing, a digital anthology of writing and text-based art (including film, sound, and graphic arts) by Chicago women. Interns with marketing and web skills preferred. May also need some research assistance with the next project.

10. BA Binns, author of Pull

Chicago Author B. A. Binns is looking for an intern who wants to know what it takes to be an author in today’s fast-changing landscape.   I have two published novels, Pull (2010), Being God (2013), and Minority Of One (2014). I am what is known as a hybrid author. Pull was traditionally published by WestSide books, Being God and Minority Of One were self-published, and a new novel I am just finishing is being shopped to various traditional publishers by my agent. In addition, I write short stories published by a local journal, The Arlington Almanac.

I am a member of SCBWI, ALA, Chicago Writers Association, the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE, and YALSA. In addition, I do classes for writers, and make presentations to students and librarians. In October I will be presenting on Enhancing the Voice of the Black Male in Children’s and Young Adult Literature at the Ohio Educational Library Media Association. In addition, I teach on-line courses to writers.

I could give an intern an opportunity to look at various stages of life as an author. This includes:

  • Book formatting and the use of associated tools
  • Brainstorming sessions on a novel
  • Conducting interviews and other forms of primary research on various subjects
  • Dealing with book distributors
  • Designing cover art
  • Editing for content
  • Line-editing
  • Manuscript critiques of novels, poetry and short-stories
  • Preparing presentations and material for writing classes
  • Writing book reviews
  • Website updates
  • Writing synopsis and publicity blurbs

Skills – The intern must know Skype for bi-monthly conference contacts and/or be willing to travel to locations in Chicago or the northwest suburbs for status meetings. He or she is also expected to do a weekly blog post on life as an intern and their activities for posting at I realize that the Intern may have other activities. He or she is expected to put in the agreed upon weekly hours. During the conference contacts we will lay out scheduled activities and determine mutually agreed upon dates.

Good verbal and written communication skills are a requirement. Knowledge of marketing and promotion a plus. The intern can expect to interact with librarians, bloggers and booksellers, and to create marketing plans, press releases, and professional proposals.

Depending on how much editing is done, the student may be named as one of the editors when the novel is published.

The work may involve the use of WordPress, Blogger, Instagram, InDesign, Google Docs, and/or Photoshop. Knowledge of CSS and HTML are a plus.

I include a syllabus that includes the major activities for each month. (Note, research, critiques, etc. may happen at any time)

June –

Assist in conducting a Man Talk class (for female writers wanting to hone their skills in writing male characters) This includes reviewing student exercises

Assist in developing a writing class on adding diversity to fiction, modifying lessons, developing examples and exercises, etc.

Editing a YA novel (60,000 words)

July –

Editing a YA or Adult novel (approx. 80,000 words)

Writing a synopsis and/or query for book

Brainstorm story ideas

August –

Assist in conducting the Diversity for Writers class (for writers interested in adding diverse characters and cultures to their manuscripts) This includes reviewing student exercises

Editing Adult novel (80,000 words)

Magazine & Newspapers

1. Slag Glass City

Professor Barrie Jean Borich seeks one or two students during summer 2014 to help launch a new digital nonfiction arts journal Slag Glass City. Work may include correspondence, social media, web site maintenance, research, proofreading and another tasks as they develop. The ideal intern for this project has web and/or editorial background or coursework (preference give to students currently enrolled in The American Literary Magazine course at DePaul), is flexible, patient and willing to roll with the surprises and disorganization of a new endeavor and on board with the editorial vision of a journal dedicated to literary, visual and media works with urban sustainability themes. Flexible hours. Interested grads or undergrads should email Professor Borich ( a letter,,  outlining interest and experience by Monday June 2, 2014.

2. Story Club Magazine, a literary journal for literary performance, is seeking a marketing and editorial intern.  We produce a quarterly online literary magazine and we also update the site with new stories every Wednesday.  We publish visceral nonfiction that was first performed in front of an audience.

Internship duties include:

  • Attend all Story Club events – held the first Thursday of every month in Uptown and the third Tuesday of every month in Bridgeport – and help to record the shows.  The Uptown venue is 21+ so our intern needs to be 21+.
  • Distribute a quarterly press release
  • Compose and distribute a quarterly email blast
  • Attend numerous live lit shows to identify and recruit new writers for our magazine
  • Update our Facebook page and Twitter feeds regularly
  • Aid our managing editor in proof reading stories for the Story Club Magazine website
  • Aid our website developer in recording audio/video and posting it to our website
  • Assist in creating a marketing plan for Story Club Magazine using new social media tools

Start date of the internship is flexible and we require 10 hours a week for 10 weeks.

Applicants should have an interest in nonfiction and be willing and able to spend time at literary events in the evenings.  We accept grad or undergrad applicants.  Email a resume and cover letter to

3. Journal of Popular Romance Studies – looking for interns. Copyediting experience / classwork a plus. Work starts now, for next issue. Professor Eric Selinger will supervise. Send cover letter and writing sample to

4. Chicago Gallery News is seeking an administrative intern to assist with CGN’s summer events and activities, as well as production of our fall 2014 issue.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

• researching area art galleries and art resources to gain an understanding of the region’s art community

• learning about the ways a magazine is put together

• following a production timeline

• becoming familiar with our website

• learning to keep information and details up-to-date

• learning to self-start projects or initiatives related to the art community

• confirming contact details and gathering exhibition information from area galleries

• assisting with copy writing and editing

• proofreading

• assisting with updates to the CGN website

• researching potential editorial topics

• organizing regular weekly gallery tours

• assisting in the CGN booth at seasonal art fairs

In this position students interested in arts administration or working in the gallery world will gain broad, hands-on experience at the area’s most prestigious magazine devoted to the visual arts. You will meet gallery directors and artists, you’ll interact with members of the public interested in the arts, and you’ll have your name in print in the upcoming edition of Chicago Gallery News. You’ll learn about the many facets of our art community, become a knowledgeable point person in the art scene, and make many valuable contacts with dealers and other arts professionals.

Dates and hours for the internship are flexible, though interns may not work on Monday. We will establish a flexible schedule that works for you and for us. The internship runs between May and August. Dates and times are subject to discussion and we will work out a mutually agreed upon schedule.

This is an unpaid internship. We are happy to arrange for course credit with your university where appropriate.

About Chicago Gallery News:

Founded in 1983 Chicago Gallery News is the central source for information about the area’s art galleries, museums, events, and resources. We cover Chicago galleries, artists, art centers and museums, as well as visual arts happenings and institutions the region, reaching readers in the Midwest and beyond. CGN aims to be a clear, accessible link to the creative world, as well as an advocate on behalf of our art community. Published 3 times a year in January, May and September, both the magazine and website feature dozens of galleries, openings, exhibitions and specialties. We also list scores of art-related businesses and resources, nonprofit arts organizations and institutions, as well as alternative spaces, artist studios, and art centers. CGN features an ongoing series of art profiles, highlighting the unique perspectives of Chicago’s art dealers, artists, and collectors.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Strong interest in the visual arts and/or arts management
  • Strong phone and personal communication skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Enjoys writing is a plus
  • Design experience a plus
  • Familiarity with Chicago Gallery News and prior to interview

To Apply:

Please send resume and brief introduction or cover letter in Word or PDF format to  Follow-up calls are appreciated: 312-649-0064

5. Extra (Chicago weekly Hispanic newspaper)

We are looking for interns in:

–          Photojournalism

–          Reporting/writing

–          Copyediting

–          Multimedia

Send resume and journalistic writing sample to Nikoleta Morales, Managing Editor

6. Windy City Times (LGBT newspaper)

Need one intern through the summer (June-August). The intern would be heavily involved in writing (especially during June, which is Pride Month), from covering events (so a camera would be necessary) to conducting interviews with local and national figures. The intern would learn aspects of news and entertainment writing, as well as dipping his/her toe in editing.

Please send resume and journalistic writing sample to Andrew Davis, Editor,

7. Inside(newspaper covering Chicago’s North Side)

Looking for summer intern. Prefers a student with some journalism experience and knowledge of the inverted pyramid-style of writing. General news writing and copy editing, fact checking, proof reading, story generation for both news and feature stories.

Send resume and journalistic writing sample to Ronald Roenigk

Writing, Editing, Proofreading

1. The Chicago Literary Hall of Fame is seeking motivated interns for the summer of 2014. We need help on a variety of projects requiring research, writing, editing, event planning, fundraising, and graphic design. For more information about the organization, view our website at: To apply for an internship, contact Donald G. Evans at

2. PleasureTown is seeking to fill a volunteer internship for summer 2014.

PleasureTown is a crowd-sourced, collaborative story program that details the history of a fictional town through the individual perspectives of its inhabitants. Any and all writers have the opportunity to add to the town’s ever-increasing saga, and professional artists will give these stories a voice.

The first season of PleasureTown will premiere on on May 21 and will run for 12 episodes with 2 weeks between each episode’s release. There will also be 1-2 live events during the run of the season.

What You Will Assist With:

  • Writing and posting social media content and tracking metrics
  • Planning, producing, and editing promotional audio and video
  • Managing listener engagement
  • Updating the WordPress-based website
  • Conducting research as needed
  • Attending production meetings
  • Maintaining production calendar
  • Other duties as assigned

What We Require:

  • Passion for and skill in writing (fiction and nonfiction)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong computer skills and WordPress/social media skills
  • The ability to coordinate calendar, meetings, special projects (as needed), etc.
  • The ability to work with a group, while managing certain projects with some independence
  • Organization skills

How to Apply:

Please send us your resume, a cover letter and five personal (i.e. from you) social media posts (mix it up) which convey why you would fit this role to  If you do not have a resume or work experience, we ask that you send a writing sample instead. Erin Kahoa ‪

3. Science Fiction Editing & Proofreading

Two books by Russian writer, HL Oldie. The first one is HERO MUST BE ALONE; the novel is based on alternative history of Chine. The second book is MY GRANDFATHER IS TERMINATOR. The novel is based on alternative history of Greece. Readers of the book will “meet” Perseus, Amphitryon, Heracles and  the gods of Greece. In addition I will have extractions from the third book of the trilogy Oikoumene.  So we will have:

1) Messiah Clears the Disc – for final proofreading and editing

2)  Fragments from the trilogy Oikoumene (book 3) – proofreading. It’s a cosmic fantasy novel (we worked with the first and second books last year).

3) Perseus (book 2) – proofreading and editing.

4) If we have enough students we can start working with several poems from the first book of Kabirian Cycle “The Way of Sword.” It’s a fantasy novel about smart weapon that trained men as masters of weapon. The smart weapon could communicate people, manage them and show them the way of sword.

Students work remotely with the publisher in Canada. 5-6 proofreaders and two editors.

Please send statement of interest to Ekaterina Kimaeva


1. Freeform Radio Initiative – “give a voice to the voiceless”

Incarcerated Voices is an exploration into the circumstances and conditions of incarcerations through the eyes, ears, and hearts of prisoners. The company seeks to foster insight into the prisoner’s responses to broaden the general public’s understanding of the prison population today.

The internship will focus on prisoner contributions to the project.

Duties will include…

1. Reading and analyzing letters (content) sent to us by our incarcerated contributors

2. Broadcast preparation

3. Light research and administrative tasks.

Please contact Scott McWilliams, Executive Director, at



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