Underground Blog Seeking Writers

The Underground blog has a new editor for the spring quarter and is looking to end the school year with a bang. Lauren Mietelski is a graduate student in DePaul’s MAE program. She is very excited to be managing the blog and to be working with undergraduate writers of all experience levels and interests. She is also open to changes and collaboration.  Lauren is also open to taking on undergraduate copy editors to review and proof read student work before it gets published on the blog.

Anyone interested in writing for The Underground is welcome to come to our first official meeting of the spring quarter on Wednesday, April 16th in Arts and Letters English office, 210. The meeting will start at 5:00 pm and last approximately 25-30 minutes. Meet by the cubicle in the front of the office, and the meeting will move from there. If anyone is interested who cannot attend the meeting, please email Lauren at lmietels@depaul.edu to set up an individual meeting at another time. You can also email her with any questions or ideas.

There are many options for undergraduate writers on the blog. Here are some ideas of what we can publish.  If you have any ideas that are not up here, please bring them with you to the meeting!


  • Continue or start up your own weekly or monthly column (topic of your choice–or change topics every time)
  • Original poetry or short stories
  • Reviews (movie, book, television show, theatre, music)
  • Undergraduate tips for survival
  • other ideas????


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