Former DePaul student publishes poetry anthology

On behalf of everyone here at The Underground, a heartfelt congratulations goes out to former 51FQnkGbQcL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_DePaul University student and Underground alum Katie Rose Brunner for publishing her first anthology, Lulliloo. 

Edited by Lasan Seni Darboe, illustrated by Roberto P. Lozano, and published by Scorpion Publishing, Lulliloo is a collection of poems written by Brunner when she was between the ages of 15 and 18. It is her first complete work of literature, but will certainly not be her last.

Though Brunner has recently transferred to the University of California, Irvine, where she studies Comparative Literature, she says her experiences here at DePaul and most of all the guidance she received from DePaul professors has proved invaluable, including Professor Chris Green.

“Professor Green encouraged my poetic voice to be heard out loud, rather than just on paper,” Brunner remembers. “I did not feel as though I needed to force my creativity in his Reading and Writing Poetry class. Rather, he allowed his students to find their individual voices naturally.”

Brunner also has high praise for DePaul’s Dr. Eric Selinger, her Romance and Love Poetry professor.

“Each of his classes was like attending a theatric performance. Simply hearing him speak so passionately about the literature we focused on that day, you could tell that he was affected by each word that he read, as well as each comment made by his students,” Brunner says of Dr. Selinger. “He always gave me the time I needed to finish an assignment, and made time to meet with me if I needed his opinion (which was always one-hundred-and-ten percent helpful). He taught me never to be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to literature.”

Professor Kathleen Rooney, an accomplished poet in her own right, has also had a profound impact on Brunner and her work, the young poet explains.

“Never have I met someone so passionate about poetry and the literary world as she,” Brunner says of Professor Rooney. “I made sure to sit in front each day, so as to jot down each and every brilliant concept that she would bring to light. I could tell that she was genuinely intrigued with what her students had to say. And by the end of the term, I walked away with a million and one new ideas for poems and prose, saddened that the class had ended.”

Brunner hopes current DePaul students get the chance to learn from these professors just like she did.

“I would recommend all of these professors to any aspiring writer, poet, or simply anyone who would be interested in having their mind be blown by incredible intelligence and different ways of thinking,” Brunner adds.

Are you interested in checking out Katie Rose Brunner’s great work? Copies of Lulliloo are available for purchase on Well done, Katie!