Student Review: 4/18 Undergraduate Poetry Month Reading

Student Review: DePaul Students’ National Poetry Month Reading 04.18.13
by Anne Malina

On Thursday evening, a group of DePaul seniors were invited to read their poetry to an intimate audience at the John T. Richardson library in the Lincoln Park Campus in honor of the 17th annual National Poetry Month. National Poetry Month is a celebration of poetry that lasts for the entire month of April which was established by the Academy of American Poets. The idea behind it is to expand the attention of people and the media to include poetry as a more appreciated art form. The Academy of American Poets aims to increase the prominence and accessibility of poetry in our culture through this expansion.

There were about 60 people in attendance at DePaul’s National Poetry Month reading—more than twice the amount of previous years. The presentation began with a musical performance by Cameron Shenassa who shared some pieces from his original rock opera which he is currently working on. The poets who read were as follows: Marie Conlan, Emma Cushmanwood, Sergio Garcia, Rachel Harthcock, Al Prexta, Cameron Rizzardini and Katie White. Each poet read for about 5 minutes and each one captivated the audience within that short span of time. Although poetry is not as popular in its most basic form these days, usually passed over for its musical counterpart, these young writers proved that words do not need melodies to fully express raw emotion. They truly captured the essence of National Poetry Month and provided a delightful and entertaining evening for all those who attended.


About the Writer:
Anne Malina is a freshman at DePaul, double majoring in English & French, from Berwyn, IL.