Student Review: Saunders Reading 1.9.13

On Wednesday, January 9th, DePaul’s Student Center was graced with the presence of celebrated author, George Saunders. He read aloud from his new book, a compilation of short stories entitled, Tenth of December after which he graciously answered questions from the audience. The reading was moving and witty, enhanced by Saunders’ enthusiasm and character voices; the audience’s response was tremendous.  We laughed heartily and rooted for his characters even as we were moved by their pain and their hardships.


What is most interesting about Saunders is that he is not merely a writer—he is an entertainer, and he certainly kept everyone entertained. He is also a man of the people, untainted by his great success. He answered questions humbly and often humorously, never taking himself too seriously, but always getting his message across. All in all, it was a lovely evening, and we, at DePaul, were very grateful to have had him here. He inspired many DePaul students and professors that night. We hope he visits us again!

–Anne Malina

About the writer:
Anne Malina is a freshman at DePaul, double majoring in English & French, from Berwyn, IL.

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