Free Community Creative Writing Class: The Apprentices

The Apprentices: Free Community Creative Writing Classes
at Northwestern University, School of Continuing Studies
Saturday, December 1 & Sunday, December 2, 2012
Evanston Campus–405 Church Street
(Davis St. L stop, Purple Line; free parking on street and in back lot; handicapped-accessible ramp at entrance near parking lot)

All include discussion and in-class writing and are for writers with various levels of experience.

9am Turn off Your Brain: Automatic Writing for Inspiration
(taught by Patrick Bernhard)
10am From the Page to the Stage: How to Read Your Work in Front of an Audience
(taught by Dana Norris)
11am A Past that Bears Repeating: Writing Historical Scenes (Rebecca Bald)
12pm Sneaking Past the Gatekeeper: Generating Ideas & Welcoming Creativity (Heather Cunningham)
1pm It’ll be Funny Someday: A Dark Humor Workshop (Michelle Cabral)
2pm Embracing Ekphrasis: Writing Poetry about Art (Dane Hamann)
3pm It’s Not Stealing if it’s a Centro: a Poetry Workshop (Aaron DeLee)

All include discussion and in-class writing and are for writers with all levels of experience.

9am Back to the Future: How Flashbacks Can Help Your Story (Ross Ritchell)
10am Fragmented Narrative in Fiction and Nonfiction (Jesse Eagle)
11am To Tell True Stories, You Must Lie (Alex Higley)
12pm How I See It: Changing Meaning by Changing Point of View (Lydia Pudzianowski)
1pm Great Expectations How to Subvert Readers’ Assumptions (Alisa Ungar-Sargon)
2pm Smash-Band: Increase Your Story’s Impact by Ramping Up Conflict (Michael Anson)
3pm Hookers I Have Loved: Writing Catchy Openings (Eric Grawe)
4pm Techniques for Writing About Emotion in Prose (Mercedes Lucero)

Classes are for writers with various levels of experience. You may register for a maximum of FIVE workshops/classes. Each is taught by a graduate student in creative writing at Northwestern. To register, please email or call 847-491-5612. Classes are 50 to 55 minutes long. Please bring paper, pen or pencil; or laptop.
*Classes are free, but accepting donations to benefit Young Chicago Authors.

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