Course Schedule Updates

syllabus tshirt,

Hey, if you haven’t had a chance, mosey on over to the Autumn 2012 Course Schedule and check out the updates. Some courses have been cancelled, while others have updated times and descriptions. Also, we have a new course listed: ENG 309 Topics in Writing: Trends in Publishing, which will be taught by new faculty member Prof Barrie Borich. Here’s the description for the course:

“This class is an overview of what literary publishing has been and will be, with a focus on changing literary demographics and developing technologies. We will begin by asking what a book and/or journal really is, in terms of both tradition and aesthetics, look at politics of power, change and alternative innovation through a literary publishing lens, join contemporary conversations about self-publishing, green publishing, print-on-demand, and book arts, question whether digital publishing could impact the nature of literature itself, explore debates about gender and identity politics in literary journals and book publishing, and finally come back to the question: What is a book, and what will literary publishing become?”

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