December Poetry Foundation Events

Christmas poem by Dylan Thomas? Check.
Reading and dramatic interpretation of 12th century Sufi poetry? Check.

In other words, you should probably CHECK out the upcoming events from the Poetry Foundation. (I won’t even mention that they’re FREE)

December Poetry Foundation Events

Here’s a little winter poem from the foundation (read it with hot cocoa)

First Snow, Kerhonkson

This, then, is the gift the world has given me
(you have given me)
softly the snow
cupped in hollows
lying on the surface of the pond
matching my long white candles
which stand at the window
which will burn at dusk while the snow
fills up our valley
this hollow
no friend will wander down
no one arriving brown from Mexico
from the sunfields of California, bearing pot
they are scattered now, dead or silent
or blasted to madness
by the howling brightness of our once common vision
and this gift of yours—
white silence filling the contours of my life.